CUSP - Critically Urgent Societal Problems

CUSP is an arena for addressing big societal challenges of our time: social, political, cultural, economic, environ-
mental, and/or medical. In an effort to give voice to urgent societal problems, Swedish Collegium for Advanced
Study (SCAS) invites academics, policy-makers, artists, and other actors to publicly address such global concerns.

CUSP LECTURE - 25 May, 2023
The Invasion of Ukraine: Impacts on World Agricultural Markets of a Large Production Loss, One Year Later
Torbjörn Jansson, Fredrik Wilhelmsson

CUSP PANEL DISCUSSION - 5 December, 2022
A Critically Urgent Discussion about Intercountry Adoption to Sweden and What Remains to Be Done
Tobias Hübinette, Anna Singer, Gonda Van Steen

The 1st CUSP LECTURE - 4 June, 2021
Bo Rothstein, August Röhss Chair in Political Science, University of Gothenburg
Controlling Corruption: The Social Contract Approach


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