Nations and Institutions: Reflections on Macro-Level Organizational Dynamics (ISA RC 48 Session)

Convener and Chair: Connie L. McNeely, George Mason University (USA)

"Arab Jews and the Social Organization of Colonial Zionism"
Yehouda Shenhav, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

"An Eye for an Eye? The Palestinian-Israeli Spiral of Violence in the Al-Aqsa Intifada"
David Strang and Tamir Sorek, Cornell University (USA)

"The "Transnational Normativity" of the Good Citizen"
Yasemin Soysal, University of Essex (UK)

"Differentiated Integration: How Much Can the EU Accomodate?"
Svein S. Andersen and Nick Sitter, Norwegian School of Management (Norway)
Download Paper (212 kB)

Distributive Paper
"Anti-Globalization Movements and Security Cooperation in the European Union"
Carlos Arturi, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)


Networks and Behavior, Session A

Convener and Chair: Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

"Understanding Network Autocorrelation: The Separation of Selection and Influence Effects"
Christian E.G. Steglich and Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

"Dynamics of Friendship Networks and School Behavior of Early Adolescence"
Andrea Knecht, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Katherine Faust, University of California, Irvine (USA)

"The Forbidden Triad and Structural Holes in Youth's Confidant Networks: Their Relevance to Depression and Academic Achievement"
Yang-chih Fu, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
Download Abstract (134 kB)


Networks and Behavior, Session B

Convener and Chair: Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

"Whom to Ask and Whom Not to Ask: Social Networks, Social Capital and Success on R&D Projects"
Polly S. Rizova, Boston University (USA)

"Getting a Bonus: The Paradox of Strong Ties"
Mark S. Mizruchi, University of Michigan (USA), Linda Brewster Stearns, Southern Methodist University (USA) and Anne Fleischer University of Michigan (USA)

"Changing Networks of Power Top Australian Company Interlocking Directorates 1992 to 2004"
Georgina Murray, Griffith University (Australia)

"The Organization of a Big Sports Event: The Governance Network in an Italian Mountain Province"
Mariangela Amonini, Universita' Statale di Milano (Italy)


Networks and Behavior, Session C

Convener: Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Chair: Christian E.G. Steglich, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

"Academic Networks"
Jorge Gil-Mendieta and Alejandro Ruiz, National Autonomous University of Mexico

"Cascading Benefits of Clusters: The Impact of Perceived Network Density on Tie Strength"
Sheen S. Levine, Singapore Management University (Singapore) and Robert Kurzban University of Pennsylvania (USA)
Download Abstract (133 kB)

"Collective Action and Network Dynamics"
Károly Takács, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), Béla Janky, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) and Zoltán Szántó, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)


New Directions in Figurational Sociology, Session A

Convener: Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin (Ireland)

Chair: Barbara Evers, Murdoch University, Perth (Australia)

"The American Civilising Process?"
Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin (Ireland)

"On the Social Legacy of the 1920s Dating System in the USA"
Cas Wouters, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)

"Procreative Body and Dying Body: Recent Developments of Contemporary Control Over One's Own Body"
Dominique Memmi, CNRS, IEP, Paris (France)
Download Abstract (134 kB)

"Toward a Figurational Approach: Beyond Social Structure and Agency"
François Dépelteau, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)

"'Peoples Wars' after the International Military Tribunals: An Inquiry into a Global Dimension of the Civilizing Process"
Utsumi Hirofumi, University of Osaka (Japan)
Download Abstract (167 kB)

Distributive Paper
"Figuring Out 'Fizz Ed': Making Sociological Sense of Physical Education Teachers' 'Philosophies'"
Ken Green, University College Chester (UK)


New Directions in Figurational Sociology, Session B

Convener: Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin (Ireland)

Chair: Barbara Evers Murdoch University, Perth (Australia)

"The Habsburg Monarchy's Lost Battles: A Sociology-of-Emotions Enquiry on the Causes of the Fall of Empires"
Helmut Kuzmics, University of Graz (Austria)

"Elias and Wittgenstein on Human Nature, Language, Symbol Emancipaton and Language Games"
Steven Loyal and Steve Quilley, University College Dublin (Ireland)

"The Importance of Scale in Established-Outsider Figurations"
Maarten Hogenstijn and Daniël van Middelkoop, Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Download Abstract (134 kB)

"The Commercial Civilizing Process"
Ruud Stokvis, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

"The Freikorps in Weimar Germany: A Special Case of Habitus Formation"
Barbara Evers, Murdoch University (Australia)

Distributive Paper
"Anthropological Presuppositions of Elias' Process and Figuration Theory and the Theory of Social Evolution"
Tamás Meleghy and Heinz-Jürgen Niedenzu, University of Innsbruck (Austria)


New Directions in Figurational Sociology, Session C

Convener: Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin (Ireland)

Chair: Barbara Evers, Murdoch University, Perth (Australia)

"Norbert Elias's 'Great Evolution' and Organicism in Twentieth Century Biology"
Steve Quilley, University College Dublin (Ireland)

""Welcome in the Rat Race"': On the Social Constraints of Testing in Primary Schools"
Ali de Regt, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Download Abstract (133 kB)

"The World Society in the Perspective of Civilizing Process Theory"
Yi-Tung Chang, University of Marburg (Germany)

"Extending Eliasian Theory to Analyses of Learning within Small Groups: The Case of the Coach-Athlete Dyad in Basketball"
Val Owen-Pugh, University of Leicester (UK)

"Survival Units as the Point of Departure for a Relational Social Theory"
Norman Gabriel, University of Plymouth (UK) and Lars Bo Kaspersen, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)

Distributive Papers
"Civilizing Men's Bodies: Established Masculinity and Cosmetic Surgery in Canada"
Michael Atkinson, McMaster University (Canada)

"Civilizations and Civilizing Processes: Statics and Dynamics in Recent Studies of Resurgent Islam"
Philip Sutton and Stephen Vertigans, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen


New Directions in Theory-Driven Research on Ethnic Conflict, Session A

Convener and Chair: Jens Rydgren, Stockholm University (Sweden)

"The Limits of Altruism: Demographic Change, Welfare State Attitudes, and Political Behavior"
Maureen Eger, University of Washington (USA)

"Ethnic Identity and Identity Change in Situations of Conflict"
Jennifer Todd, University College Dublin (Ireland)

"Reactive Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict in Estonia"
Raivo Vetik, Tallinn Pedagogical University (Estonia)


New Directions in Theory-Driven Research on Ethnic Conflict, Session B

Convener and Chair: Jens Rydgren, Stockholm University (Sweden)

"The Role of Networks in Ethnic Conflict"
Jens Rydgren, Stockholm University (Sweden)

"Ethnic Conflicts and Normative Production: A Pragmatic Approach"
Tommaso Vitale, Università di Milano Bicocca (Italy)

"Ethnic War and the Legacy of Socialist Nationality Politics in the Former Yugoslavia"
Bodo Weber, Hannover University (Germany)
Download Abstract (135 kB)


New Forms of Kinship

Convener and Chair: Róisín Ryan-Flood, University of Essex (UK)

"Changes and Continuities in the Intimate Relationships of Contemporary Spinsters"
Roona Simpson, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Download Abstract (133 kB)

"Gender, Technology and Homeworking: New Family Practices"
Nattha Komolvadhin, London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
Download Abstract (134 kB)

"Situated Heteronormativities: Lesbianian Parenthood in Contemporary Europe"
Róisín Ryan-Flood, University of Essex (UK)
Download Abstract (133 kB)


New Interdisciplinary Research in Economic and Organizational Democracy: The >node< Research Programme (ISA RC 10 Session)

Convener and Chair: Wolfgang G. Weber, University of Innsbruck (Austria)

"New Orientations for Democracy in Europe - A Brief Description of the >node< Research Programme"
Wolfgang G. Weber and members from other >node< project teams, University of Innsbruck (Austria) and University of Vienna (Austria)

"Work Beyond Boundaries and Chances for Participation"
Jörg Flecker, Manfred Krenn, Ulrike Papouschek and Hubert Eichmann, FORBA Vienna (Austria)
Download Abstract (134 kB)

"Working Society and Industrial Democracy in Future Europe"
Susanne Pernicka, University of Vienna (Austria)
Download Abstract (137 kB)

"Organizational Democracy - Resources of Organizations for Social Dispositions Fostering Democracy (ODEM)"
Wolfgang G. Weber, Anna Iwanowa, Birgit E. Schmid and Christine Unterrainer, University of Innsbuck (Austria)

"Tetrasociology as New Interdisciplinary Research in Organizational Democracy and Management"
Leo M. Semashko, Public Institute of Strategic Sphere, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Tatiana A. Makarova, State Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg (Russia)


New Partnership Between European and Asian Institutes for Socio-Economic-Environmental Development and Management

Convener: Anand G. Bhole, Institute for Sustainable Development and Research (India)

Chair: Vinod Tare, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India)

"New Partnership Between EU and Asian Institutes for Environmental Development and Management: Introduction
of the ISDR Session"
Vinod Tare and Anand Bhole, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India)

"The Dilemma between Environmental Protectionism and Free Trade in Taiwan's Agricultural Sector Can a Solution be Administered?"
Liu, Hsiao-Lan, National Taiwan University

"Designing a GIS-based Planning Support System (PSS) for Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning in Dhaka, Bangladesh"
Manoj Kumar Roy*, Sarah Lindley†, John Handley, University of Manchester (UK)

"Urbanization Issues in Sri Lanka"
Nihal Somaweera, Ministry of Urban Development and Water Supply (Sri Lanka)

"The Changing Role of the Government and the Private Sector: A Case Study of Pakistan - South Asia"
Farhan Sami, IUCN (Pakistan)

Distributive Papers
"Urbanization and the Urban Environment in Bangladesh"
Amir Hossain, Institute for Environment and Development Studies (Bangladesh)

"Irrigation Problems in Central Asia"
Igor Hadjamberdiev, Ibragim Domulajanov, Vitaliy Shablovskiy, Central Asia Network (Kyrgyzstan)