The Karlgren-Eisenstadt Fellowship Programme

About the Programme
In addition to being a national resource for all social and human sciences, the Swedish Collegium for
Advanced Study (SCAS) maintains a long-term commitment to research that is of crucial importance
to understanding the cultural multiplicity of the world. In that context, the Collegium pursues a pro-
gramme with a focus on transformative periods in global history, with special emphasis on China,
namely the Karlgren-Eisenstadt Programme. The programme is carried out with the financial support
of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ).

A core component of the programme is a series of workshops and master classes with a focus on
comparative aspects of history and civilization. The aim is not so much to demonstrate results already
achieved but rather to examine and probe avenues of future research and elucidate hitherto-unexplored
or hitherto-unexpected paths of inquiry. The workshops are coordinated by Björn Wittrock, SCAS, and
Michael J. Puett, Walter C. Klein Professor of Chinese History and Chair of the Committee on the Study
of Religion at Harvard University.

It is no longer possible to apply for this programme.