SCAS News - 28 April, 2017

Björn Wittrock has been Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Earlier this month, SCAS Principal Björn Wittrock was elected Foreign Honorary Member of the
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is a member of Class III – Social Sciences/section 5
for Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, Demography and Geography.

The American Academy was founded in 1780 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious learned
societies in the United States. The Academy Fellows and Foreign Honorary Members represent a
wide range of disciplines and professions: mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, medicine,
the social sciences and humanities, business, government, public affairs, and the arts. Among its
Fellows are more than 250 Nobel laureates and 60 Pulitzer Prize winners.

Björn Wittrock is Principal and Permanent Fellow at the Swedish Collegium, and University Professor
em. at Uppsala University. He has written widely on the transformation of human societies in history
but also on the history and sociology of the social and human sciences and of universities. He has also
contributed to the sociology of modernity and global history.

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