SCAS News - 22 March, 2017

Björn Wittrock has been Awarded the Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal in Gold

SCAS Principal Björn Wittrock has been awarded the Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal in gold by
Uppsala University. He receives the medal since he "[a]s director and driving force behind
the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study [...] has, [ ...], more than anyone else, contributed
to its strong position as an internationally renown[ed] institution for advanced studies. As a
member of several academies, prize committees and review panels he has made great contri-
butions to Swedish and European social sciences and humanities."

The Gustaf Adolf Medal is awarded by the University Board to a person who has held a position
at the University of particular responsibility and trust, or has served the University in an extra-
ordinarily meritorious manner.

Björn Wittrock is Principal and Permanent Fellow at the Swedish Collegium. He is University
Professor em. at Uppsala University.

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