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Anders Ståhlberg

SCAS News - 9 June, 2017

SCAS Pro Futura Scientia Fellow Aryo Makko has been Elected Member of the
Young Academy of Sweden

Aryo Makko, one of the Swedish Collegium's newest Pro Futura Scientia Fellows, has been elected
Member of the Young Academy of Sweden. Makko is one of six scholars who were presented at the
Academy’s 6th anniversary ceremony on 3 June, 2017.

Makko joins current Pro Futura Fellows Virginia Langum and Jonas Olofsson as well as former
Pro Futura Fellow Ericka Johnson as a member of the Academy. Two former scholars of the Pro
Futura programme, Gustaf Arrhenius and Christer Nordlund, were members of the Young Academy
during its early years, from its foundation until 2016.

The Young Academy of Sweden is an independent, cross-disciplinary forum for the most promising
young researchers in Sweden. It is open to scholars from all disciplines. The criteria for election are
scientific excellence and a proven interest and engagement in the matters handled by the Academy.
To become elected, a scholar should be maximum ten years beyond receiving his/her PhD. The term
of office is five years and new members are being elected every year. The Academy was founded in
2011 on the initiative of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Aryo Makko is Associate Professor of History at Stockholm University. He was admitted to the Pro
Futura Scientia Programme in 2016 and will be in residence at SCAS in the academic year 2017-18.

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