SCAS News - 17 April, 2018

Björn Wittrock is New Class Chair of the Academia Europaea

In December 2017, SCAS Principal Björn Wittrock was elected Chair of Class A2 - Social and
Related Sciences of the Academia Europaea. As a Class Chair, he is also a member of the Academy’s
Board of Trustees. Wittrock took office in January 2018 for a term of office totalling three years.

Academia Europaea was founded in 1988 as an international, non-governmental association of
distinguished scientists and scholars from all disciplines. Membership is by invitation. The manage-
ment of the scholarly interests of the academy is carried out through four classes divided into 21
sections. Class A2/Social and Related Sciences, now chaired by Wittrock, covers the following four
sections: 1) Behavioural Sciences, 2) Social Sciences, 3) Law, and 4) Economics, Business and
Management Sciences. The main responsibilities of the Class Chair is to coordinate the assessment
process and develop the membership structure and composition policy in consultation with the Academy
Council and on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Wittrock has been a Member of the Academia Europaea since 2001.

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