SCAS News - 16 January, 2018

SCAS Permanent Fellow Barbro Klein Has Sadly Passed Away

Barbro Klein, Deputy Principal Emerita of the Swedish Collegium and one of its Permanent Fellows,
sadly and unexpectedly passed away in the early morning of 15 January, 2018.

Barbro Klein, born in 1938, took office as one of three Directors of the Collegium on 1 July, 1996,
serving along with Björn Wittrock and Göran Therborn. She later became Deputy Principal. As of the
academic year 2010-11, she retired from her formal duties at SCAS, but continued to work closely
with the Collegium in her role as Permanent Fellow, until the very end.

Barbro Klein was also Professor Emerita of Ethnology at Stockholm University. She wrote and published
extensively on oral narration, rituals, museum displays and other forms of expressive culture in complex
multiethnic settings, primarily in the United States and northern Europe. She was also engaged in a variety
of efforts to strengthen collaboration with African scholars and in supporting Point Sud in Bamako. In
addition, she worked on broad methodological issues and on the entangled disciplinary histories pertaining
to folkloristics, ethnology, anthropology, museology and related fields.

Barbro Klein will be deeply missed by her colleagues and friends at the Collegium.

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