SCAS News - 28 March, 2018

News from the SCAS Community: Publications

Regularly, publications by Fellows of the SCAS community appear. Some of them have been initiated, worked
on and/or finished by Fellows during their time in residence at the Collegium, whereas others don't have a specific connection to the Collegium but nevertheless are the result of hard work by a current of former Fellow. Below
you will find some of the recent publications available.

The Civil Sphere in Latin America
Jeffrey C. Alexander (with Carlo Tognato, eds.)
(Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Jeffrey C. Alexander was in residence at SCAS in the spring terms of 1992 and 1996.

Midgård brinner: Ragnarök i religionshistorisk belysning
Anders Hultgård
(Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademien för svensk folkkultur, 2017)

Anders Hultgård was a Fellow in residence in the autumn of 2010. He worked on this
book during his stay at SCAS.

Decentring Shi‘i Islam. Special issue of British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.
Mirjam Künkler (with Morgan Clarke, eds.)
(Vol. 45(1), January 2018)

Mirjam Künkler was in residence at SCAS in the academic year of 2016-17.

Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde: Inner-Catholic Critic and Advocate of Open Neutrality. 
Special issue of Oxford Journal of Law and Religion.
Mirjam Künkler (with Tine Stein, eds.)
(Vol. 7 (1), February 2018)

Mirjam Künkler was a Fellow at the Collegium in the academic year of 2016-17.

Experimentalität. Hans-Jörg Rheinberger im Gespräch über Labor, Atelier und Archiv
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger
(Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2018)

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger was in residence at the Collegium in the spring of 2017.