SCAS News - 22 May, 2018

News from the SCAS Community: Publications

Regularly, publications by Fellows of the SCAS community appear. Some of them have been initiated, worked
on and/or finished by Fellows during their time in residence at the Collegium, whereas others don't have a specific connection to the Collegium but nevertheless are the result of hard work by a current of former Fellow. Below
you will find some of the recent publications available.

Sveriges Riksbank and the History of Central Banking
Rodney Edvinsson (with Tor Jacobson and Daniel Waldenström, eds.)
(Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Rodney Edvinsson is a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow at SCAS. He was in residence at
the Collegium in the academic year 2014-15.

Writing and Rewriting the Story of Solomon in Ancient Israel
Isaac Kalimi
(Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Isaac Kalimi was a Fellow at SCAS in the academic year 2014-15.

Humboldt and the Modern German University: An Intellectual History
Johan Östling
(Lund University Press, 2018)

Johan Östling is a former SCAS Pro Futura Scientia Fellow. He was in residence at SCAS
in the spring of 2013 and the autumn of 2014. Östling worked on this book during his time
at the Collegium and it was first published in Swedish in 2016.