SCAS News - 15 June, 2018

Five Talented Researchers Admitted to the Pro Futura Scientia Programme

As the thirteenth admittance round of the Pro Futura Scientia programme has now been completed,
the Swedish Collegium is delighted to announce that five promising scholars have been selected new
Pro Futura Scientia XIII Fellows. The new Fellows are:

Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, History, nominated by Stockholm University.
Eric Cullhed, Greek, nominated by Uppsala University.
Karin Jensen, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, nominated by Karolinska Institutet.
Sarah Nouwen, Law, nominated by the University Cambridge.
Orri Stefánsson, Philosophy, nominated by Stockholm University.

For this year’s round, 16 universities in five countries nominated a total of 33 candidates - 17 women
and 16 men - to the programme. After the usual rigorous, multi-step selection procedure, the final
decision was formally made by the Board of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, at the recommendation of
the international programme selection committee of SCAS. As in previous years, the selections were
based on criteria such as excellent research profiles and the scholars’ ability to work independently
and with ground-breaking results. An alternative grant – the RJ one year research grant - is being
offered to some of the nominees who were not awarded a Pro Futura Fellowship.

The new Pro Futura Scientia Fellows will receive their diplomas during a ceremony at the Swedish
Collegium in September.

The Pro Futura Scientia programme was initiated in 1999 by the Swedish Collegium for Advanced
Study and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Thanks to the carefully designed structure of the programme,
talented scholars are given optimal scope for developing as researchers, over several years and in
stimulating environments, and it has thus proved to be an attractive career path.

The programme attracts promising young scholars not only from Sweden, but also from abroad.
An increasing number of researchers from the international arena enter the Swedish university and
research system this way.

The important role that the programme has come to play in the Swedish academic system over the
years is shown through the large number of current or former Pro Futura researchers that have
taken up distinguished professorships, and/or have been elected members of scholarly academies
and societies and joined research councils and key bodies at universities.

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