SCAS News - 24 June, 2019

New Grant from RJ Enables SCAS to Expand Its Global Horizons

Today it was announced that the Swedish Collegium has been approved a generous grant totalling
SEK 15 million over a period of five years by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) for a new residential
Fellowship Programme focusing on global governance, the Global Horizons Programme. The purpose
of the programme is to advance multidisciplinary frontline research on global future governance issues,
focusing on large-scale challenges. This overall vision may be articulated through the following objectives:

1. to revitalize and strengthen the social science component at SCAS;
2. to establish a thematically-driven research programme conducive to collaboration across faculty lines;
3. to provide optimal conditions for contributions to advanced research outputs on challenges related to
global governance;
4. to accentuate the role of SCAS as a vital resource and platform for the national academic community
of scholars;
5. to make research at SCAS easily accessible to the global community of scholars.

With its thematically-driven research profile, the Global Horizons Programme intends to reach out to
scholars pursuing relevant research within a wide range of social sciences. Not only does this effort aim
at strengthening the social science component at SCAS, but at the same time, the new programme will
provide a bridge to the Collegium’s recently started Natural Sciences Programme, as dimensions of
governance and global risks that will connect to thematic fields of the latter programme will be addressed.

In addition to one Advanced Fellowship and one Young Scholar Fellowship a year – open to scholars
from all over the world -, the programme will also offer short-term research stays, primarily intended
for scholars based at Swedish universities. Furthermore, the programme will include an extensive range
of activities, such as seminars, workshops and panels.

To further strengthen the international component of this initiative, the programme will benefit from
collaborations with a number of selected research institutes across the globe, both within the Collegium’s
existing networks and beyond.

An ambitious agenda – mainly digital - for communication and outreach will accompany the other parts
of the programme as to make sure that the aims of the programme are achieved. Among other things,
webinars and podcasts will be developed. A central activity within this field will be the annual Global
Future Governance Conversations
, held at SCAS, but which will be available digitally also to a broader
audience both on a national and global level.

Ever since its foundation 34 years ago, the Collegium has aimed at serving as a free meeting place and
a breeding ground for new ideas across disciplinary, national and age boundaries. The Global Horizons
Programme provides a new, exciting dimension to this ambition. The activities of the programme will
commence on 1 January, 2020.

Press release from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (in Swedish) >>