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Danish Saroee (2nd photo)

SCAS News - 3 March, 2020

The Swedish Collegium Introduces Its New Book Series

The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study is delighted to present the first volume of its
new Wittrock Lecture Book Series, Historians and the Future by Jürgen Kocka, which is
now available in print (ISBN 978-91-981948-1-4).

The idea of a new Collegium publication came up in conjunction with the introduction of the
new Wittrock Lecture Series, which was instigated in 2019 in honour of the contributions of
Professor Björn Wittrock, former Principal of the Swedish Collegium, and the driving force
ever since its creation in 1985. Jürgen Kocka held the first Wittrock Lecture on 15 February
2019. The second Wittrock Lecture was held last week by Helga Nowotny on “Life in the
Digital Time Machine”.

Historians and the Future will shortly be available here.

To watch the first and second Wittrock lectures, please see the View Lectures page.