SCAS News - 19 May, 2021

Critically Urgent Societal Problems Addressed in New Collaborative Effort

A new topical lecture series, initiated by the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) and
organized in collaboration with the Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS), is now being introduced
under the title CUSP – Critically Urgent Societal Problems.

CUSP is an arena for addressing big societal challenges of our time: social, political, cultural, economic,
environmental, and/or medical. In this collaborative effort to give voice to urgent societal problems,
SCAS and IFFS invite academics, policy-makers, artists, and other actors to publicly address such
global concerns. Lectures within the CUSP series will be held approximately three times a year.

The first CUSP lecture takes place on 4 June 2021 and will be held by Professor Bo Rothstein, August
Röhss Chair in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. Rothstein will speak on the theme
Controlling Corruption: The Social Contract Approach, which is also the name of his new book..

To read more about the upcoming event, please see here: CUSP.