SCAS News - 4 March, 2021

News from the SCAS Community

Jenny Andersson has been appointed Professor of the History of Science and
Ideas at Uppsala University.

Jenny Andersson was Guest of the Principal at SCAS in the spring of 2019.

Ruby Lal has been appointed Inaugural Interdisciplinary Teaching Fellow at
the Institute for the Liberal Arts, Emory University, 2021-22. She will resume
her duties as Professor of South Asian History at Emory University from the
autumn 2022 onwards.

Ruby Lal is currently a Fellow in residence at SCAS.

Virginia Langum has been promoted to Professor of English Literature at Umeå

Virginia Langum is a former Pro Futura Scientia Fellow at SCAS. She was in resi-
dence at the Collegium in the academic year 2014-15 and in the autumn of 2015.

Photo credits: Danish Saroee (Andersson; Lal); Lars Wallin (Langum)