SCAS News - 20 April, 2021

The SCAS Talks Podcast Celebrates 1000 Downloads

Yesterday, the SCAS Talks Podcast reached the milestone of 1000 downloads. The downloads are divided
among the twelve episodes on five different themes that have been published so far.

In addition to the three themes presented last year – “the Corona Pandemic"; "Diversity"; and “Languages” –
two new themes have been introduced recently, namely “the Brain” and "Global Governance". Further episodes
dealing with the brain and global governance will be available shortly, and, later in the spring, there will also be
three episodes each on the themes of "Africa" and "Life in Outer Space".

For the time being, the most downloaded episode is a very topical one: “Corona and the forgotten lessons from
historical pandemics”, in which Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist shares his work and thoughts on the subject..

The SCAS Talks audience is found all over the world. At the moment, the majority of downloads have been
accessed by listeners not only in Sweden, but also in many other countries across Europe and in North and
South America. Furthermore, several countries in Asia and Oceania are represented.

In SCAS Talks you meet current and former Fellows as well as other scholars affiliated with the Collegium,
talking with science journalist Natalie von der Lehr about their research. In this way, we aim to reflect the
many fascinating research projects taking place within the SCAS community, spanning from the humanities
and social sciences to the natural sciences. 

Join the SCAS Talks journey and explore all episodes here: SCAS Talks Podcast

The episodes are also available at e.g. Podbean, Spotify, Itunes and other podcast apps.
Enjoy and stay tuned!