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SCAS News - 13 December, 2021

The Collegium Appoints Michael John Watts as Non-resident Long-term Fellow

SCAS is delighted to announce that Professor Michael John Watts has been appointed new
Non-resident Long-term Fellow of the Collegium.

Michael John Watts is Class of ‘63 Professor of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley,
and currently a Senior Global Horizons Fellow in residence at SCAS for the academic year 2021-22.
Watts takes office on 1 January 2022 and will act as Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes
on the Political Economy of Development and Development Policy.
He joins Professors Bruce G.
Carruthers, Linda Colley, Marianne Gullberg, Sverker Sörlin and Alisse Waterston as a SCAS Long-
term Fellow.

The Collegium maintains a long-term commitment in several broad areas where it aims to contribute
to long-term scholarly developments. In these efforts, the Collegium benefits from the contributions
of its Non-resident Long-term Fellows. They also serve in an advisory role in the assessment of candi-
dates to the Collegium’s different fellowship programmes. Moreover, Long-term Fellows participate
in the meetings of the Academic Senate and act as mentors to the Pro Futura Scientia Programme’s
early-career scholars.

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