All sessions will be held in the Thunberg Hall, Linneanum, SCAS.

Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
Thunbergsvägen 2
SE-752 38 Uppsala

Phone: +46 18 55 70 85

How to get to the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study

For a map, please see here

By foot
It takes about twenty minutes to walk from the railway station to the Swedish Collegium.

Outside the railway station you walk to the traffic lights, cross Kungsgatan and continue
straight ahead onBangårdsgatan until you reach the river Fyris and Östra Ågatan. You turn
right and cross the first bridge (Västgötaspången), and continue straight ahead on Slottsgränd
until the street ends and you reach Nedre Slottsgatan. Now cross the street and walk uphill on
a bike and pedestrian path to the right. At the top, you cross Dag Hammarskjölds väg, turn left
and almost immediately turn right onto a bike and pedestrian path that leads through the park
Engelska parken (you will then haveCarolina Rediviva, the main library building, to your right).
With the park behind you, continue to walk along Thunbergsvägen until you reach the gate of
the Botanic Garden on your left. Walk straight ahead into the garden. The Collegium is located
in the northern wing of Linneanum, the large yellow eighteenth-century building in front of you,
and in the adjacent Villa. The entrance to the Thunberg Hall is found in Linneanum, in the arch
facing Thunbergsvägen.

By taxi or car
When arriving at SCAS by taxi, tell the taxi driver to enter the Botanic Garden at Villavägen 6. If
you are driving, please also enter at Villavägen 6. If you pay a parking fee, you can park nearby
the Collegium. A special parking permit, which can be requested at the SCAS reception, is required.

By public transport
Buses 4 (to Ekeby/Håga by), 6 (to Eriksberg/Håga by) and 7 (to Gottsunda) will take you to SCAS
from Stadshuset or Stora Torget, the central square in Uppsala.

The nearest bus stop for bus 4 is Engelska parken.
For buses 6 and 7, the closest bus stops are Slottsbacken and Blåsenhus.

Please see timetables at