Events 2020-21

All seminars and other events are open to the public unless otherwise indicated.*

*The Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation
Due to the precautions imposed by the current Corona pandemic, the Thunberg Hall will
be closed to the public until further notice. However, we now offer you the possibility to
join our Fellow seminars and many other events via Zoom instead.

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SCAS follows the advice and recommendations given by Uppsala University. These are
based on the information and recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of
Sweden and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Events may thus be postponed/
cancelled with short notice. Please see below for the current status regarding the events.

Upcoming Events, 2020-21

22 September, 2:15 p.m. WEB EVENT
Johanna Annala, Erik Allardt Fellow, SCAS.
Senior Lecturer in University Pedagogy, Tampere University
Knowledge and Curriculum in the Changing Landscapes of Higher Education

24 September. WEB EVENT
Launch of the Global Horizons Programme

13 October, 2:15 p.m. WEB EVENT
Anders Kaliff, Professor of Archaeology, Uppsala University
The Indo-European Roots of the Ancient Scandinavian Horse Sacrifice

15-16 October. CONFERENCE
Indo-European Interfaces: Building Bridges between Mythology, Linguistics and Archaeology
This is an event of the research programme LAMP – Languages and Myths of Prehistory.
By invitation only.

20 October, 2:15 p.m. WEB EVENT
Tomasz Zarycki, Johan Peter Falck Fellow, SCAS.
Professor of Sociology, University of Warsaw
Polish Post-war Linguistics between East and West: From the Legacy of the late Russian Empire, to Marxism, Structuralism, and Post-structuralism in the Context of a Semi-
peripheral Autonomy

The programme for November - December will be available shortly.

Previous Events, 2020-21

15 September, 2:15 p.m. WEB EVENT
Karsten Paerregaard, Global Horizons Fellow, SCAS.
Professor Emeritus of Social Anthropology, University of Gothenburg
Searching for the New Human: Glacier Melt, Anthropogenic Change and Self Reflection
in Andean Pilgrimage


15 September. FILM
Before Is Over
A film directed by Klaus Salminen, Artist in Residence, the Global Horizons Programme, SCAS.
Filmmaker, Producer, Director and Scriptwriter, Berlin
By invitation only.