Non-resident Long-term Fellows

The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study has an ambition to articulate the significance of the
social and human sciences for an understanding of the contemporary and historical condition of
humankind in its diverse global contexts. This stance has long been a cornerstone of the profile
and activities of SCAS. In these efforts, the Collegium benefits from the contributions of its Non-
resident Long-term Fellows. They also serve in an advisory role in the assessment of candidates
to the Collegium’s different fellowship programmes. Moreover, Long-term Fellows participate in
the meetings of the Academic Senate and act as mentors to the Pro Futura Scientia Programme’s
early-career scholars.

Bruce G. Carruthers
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes on Global Governance, SCAS.
John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Linda Colley
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes in Early Modern and Modern History, SCAS.
Shelby M.C. Davis 1958 Professor of History, Princeton University

Marianne Gullberg
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes in Languages and Cognitive Science, SCAS.
Professor of Psycholinguistics, and Chair/Director, the Humanities Lab, Lund University

Michael J. Puett
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes in Anthropological and Historical Sciences
and the Languages and Civilizations of East Asia, SCAS.
Walter C. Klein Professor of Chinese History and Anthropology, Harvard University

Sverker Sörlin (commencing on 1 August, 2020)
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes on Environmental Humanities, SCAS.
Professor of Environmental History, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Alisse Waterston
Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes in Transnational Processes, Structural Violence,
and Inequality, SCAS.
Presidential Scholar and Professor of Anthropology, the City University of New York