The Natural Sciences Programme

The programme initially ran over five years and the academic year 2023-24 will be the last year of
the programme in its current form.

About the Programme
The Natural Sciences Programme is a research programme aimed at advancing cutting-edge research
in the natural sciences, as well as at bridging the gap between these and the humanities and social
sciences. The focus of the programme is on research that involves synthesis, data analysis and
conceptual and theoretical work. There are no research laboratories at the Collegium, but in its
immediate vicinity there are extensive such facilities. However, it is envisaged that scholars while in
residence will primarily use such facilities as resources for intellectual encounters and dialogues rather
than to conduct their own research.

The two core components of the programme are residential fellowships and a series of symposia.
There are four thematic foci of the programme:

1) Theoretical Biology
2) Human Brains and Societies
3) Measurable Human
4) Exoplanets and Biological Activity on Other Worlds

The programme is funded by The Erling Persson Family Foundation and The Knut and Alice
Wallenberg Foundation.

Selection Committee:
Professor Hans Ellegren, Uppsala University
Professor Christina Garsten, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (Chair)
Professor Gunnar Ingelman, Uppsala University
Professor Ulf Landegren, Uppsala University
Professor Dan Larhammar,Uppsala University
Professor Nikolai Piskunov, Uppsala University

For questions regarding the thematic foci of the programme, please contact Professor Gunnar Ingelman: or +46-(0)70-425 01 33 (mobile).

For questions about the Natural Sciences Fellowship Programme, please contact the secretariat: