Being a Fellow and the Obligations Involved

The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) is a scholarly community of some thirty-five fellows, normally
from at least a dozen countries and more than twenty universities on several continents. Visiting fellows are in
residence for a full academic year or a full semester. Fellows are free to focus on their own research but the
Collegium tries to serve as a free meeting place and a breeding ground for new ideas across disciplinary, national
and age boundaries. A number of the Collegium’s features and activities have been designed to allow for the best
scholarly environment possible.

As an institute for advanced study, SCAS is committed to the concept of residential fellowships. Fellows are expected
to be free from other obligations and spend their working days at the Collegium. A fellow should not be absent from
SCAS for more than ten (10) working days during the autumn and spring semesters respectively. Absences due to
invitations to give seminars or lectures at Swedish universities are not included for international fellows. Fellows
have to attend and participate in daily lunches on-site and in weekly seminars and other academic events. They are
also expected to give a seminar during their period in residence. Also, other activities such as dinners and excursions
are important features of the fellowship programme and attendance and participation is expected.

Please see Academic Life for further details about life as a fellow.