The Collegium can provide fellows who do not live in the Stockholm–Uppsala region with accommodation for the
duration of their stay, available from the first day of the semester to no more than two days after the end of their employment contract. Due to the need for maintenance and renovations, flats are not available in July and August.
However, for families with school-aged children, it is generally possible to come to Uppsala a few days before the
beginning of the school year.

Even though we make every effort to match the needs of our fellows with the accommodation available, there is
a difficult housing situation in Uppsala. We are normally able to secure a number of various-sized sublet flats across
the city. In our own “Prefektvilla”, we also have one-room flats with a private bathroom, an adjoining office and a
communal kitchen. In Villa Therese Andersson, we have somewhat larger flats with a communal kitchen. Please
note that when allocating accommodation, we are only able to take your spouse and/or children under the
age of 18 into consideration if they will be living with you in Uppsala for the entire period of your contract.

If you anticipate visitors during your time in Uppsala, the SCAS staff will gladly provide information about suitable
hotels and hostels.

In all kitchens, you will find basic tableware and cooking utensils. The Collegium also provides bedding, sheets and
towels. In most cases, there will be a communal laundry room (normally in the basement or attic). Cleaning services
are not provided but the staff will help you contact people and firms who can do this. Please note that it is not always possible to park nearby and that not all apartment blocks have lifts. Smoking is prohibited and no pets are allowed.

Wi-Fi is available in all flats. Cable TV, with a small number of channels, is normally available.

The flats are in different parts of Uppsala, usually, but not always, within walking distance of the Collegium. Please
note that we are unable to give you the address of your assigned flat until approximately 2–4 weeks before arrival.