Professor Christina Garsten is Principal of the Collegium and a Permanent Fellow. Professor Björn
Wittrock is a Permanent Fellow. For further information, please see Permanent Fellows

The Collegium benefits from the contributions of six Non-resident Long-term Fellows, namely
Professors Bruce G. Carruthers (Northwestern University), Linda Colley (Princeton University),
Marianne Gullberg (Lund University), Sverker Sörlin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm),
Alisse Waterston (City University of New York), and Michael John Watts (University of California,
Berkeley). For further information, please see: Non-resident Long-term Fellows.

The Academic Senate oversees the activities of the Collegium and gives advice on institutional matters.
It complements the selection committees of different programmes and serves to guarantee the highest
scholarly standards and a sustained global commitment of all activities of the Collegium. Professor
Peter Goddard (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) is Chairman of the Senate. For the members
of the Academic Senate, please see Academic Senate     

The Collegium has a national board consisting of representatives of Swedish universities. Professor
Coco Norén (Uppsala University) is Chair of the board. For the members of the national board,
please see National Board.

The Collegium’s administrative staff is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for the
community of scholars in residence. Please see Staff for further details.