Academic Life

The Academic Year
The academic year runs from the beginning of September to mid-June. Scholars may apply for a full
academic year or one semester respectively. The autumn semester starts at the beginning of September
and ends in mid-December. The spring semester begins in early January and ends in mid-June.

During the autumn semester, there is a one-week break, usually at the end of October/beginning of November.
During the spring semester, two breaks are scheduled. In addition to a one-week winter break, usually at the
end of February, there is a two-week spring (Easter) break. There are also a few bank holidays during the
spring semester.

During the breaks, Fellows may still work in their offices if they so wish. Absences during the breaks are not
included in the maximum of ten days’ absence per semester.

Your Office
Our offices are located in Linneanum, Prefektvillan and Villa Lugnet. Each office is equipped with a desk, book-
shelves, a computer (either an Apple Macintosh or a PC [IBM compatible] according to your specification) and
a personal printer. All computers are connected to the SCAS network with high-speed Internet access. Wi-Fi is
available throughout SCAS’s premises. Multi-function copiers (printer and scanner, and in one case also a fax
machine) are located in Linneanum, Prefektvillan as well as in Villa Lugnet. Please note that some of the offices
in Prefektvillan also serve as flats. See Housing for further details.

The Collegium is usually attended by the staff between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) during the
semester. Fellows have around-the-clock access to their offices.

Seminars and Other Events
Part of being a fellow at an institute for advanced study is the conversation across disciplinary and national
boundaries. Weekly seminars serve as a focus of shared activities. Fellows are expected to give at least one
seminar during their stay in residence and attend all other fellow seminars as well as the evening lectures and
similar events given at the Collegium a few times every semester. Additionally, a range of other intellectual
encounters, such as concerts, workshops and symposia, offer opportunities for interaction. The fellow seminars
are normally held on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, whereas other events may take place on other weekdays. All
events are held in the Thunberg Lecture Hall (Thunbergssalen).

Lunches and Fellow Dinners
Lunch is served Monday to Friday at 12.30 p.m. in the dining room on the second floor of Linneanum. Since
the lunches form an essential part of the Collegium’s scholarly community and provide opportunities for
discussion, fellows are expected to attend all of them. Occasionally, it may be possible for fellows to invite a
guest for lunch.

Social Events and Excursions
During the academic year, there will be a few excursions to places of interest. More information is provided at
the beginning of each semester. Fellows are expected to participate in the excursions. Normally, spouses can join
at an additional cost.

Uppsala University Library
The Collegium will arrange for all fellows to get a library card at Uppsala University Library. Several of the library
branches are within walking distance of the Collegium. A special agreement between SCAS and the University
Library allows fellows to order books from the library online and have all loans, including interlibrary loans,
delivered to and picked up at SCAS. Normally, deliveries and pick-ups take place twice a week during the
academic year.

The Library at SCAS
The Collegium has a small reference library on the fourth floor of Linneanum. In addition to a selection of
encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other reference works, there is a small number of scholarly periodicals.
A number of books written by former fellows are also available. A small collection of works of fiction is
available in the common room on the top floor of Prefektvillan. These books have been purchased and read
by former fellows and donated to SCAS for others to read. Daily newspapers are available in the reception
area of Linneanum.

Meeting Rooms
Located in the Prefektvilla, a fully equipped meeting room with facilities for twelve people can be booked by
fellows for workshops and other meetings. The common room on the top floor of the villa serves as another
unofficial meeting place. Smaller meeting rooms are also located on the fourth floor of Linneanum and in
Villa Lugnet. Upon request, also the Thunberg Lecture Hall (Thunbergssalen) can occasionally be used for
smaller meetings.

Learning Swedish
Each semester the Collegium offers to arrange a Swedish course for fellows and their spouses (the level of the
course is dependent on the participants). In recent years, we have collaborated with a junior lecturer from the
Department of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University who comes to SCAS for ten sessions during
the semester. This class is offered, provided there is a reasonable number of participants.