The Barbro Klein Fellowship Programme (2025-26)

Programme and Eligibility Criteria
The Barbro Klein Residential Fellowship Programme intends to advance the study of cultural diversity
in a global perspective. The fellowship is open to scholars from across disciplines in the humanities
and social sciences, with an emphasis on research on cultural and social diversity, cultural heritage
and creativity, societal structures and public resistance, and varieties of cultural expressions in local
and global perspective.

The programme gives fellows the opportunity to concentrate on their own research interests, free
from the teaching and administrative obligations of ordinary university life. Fellows are, however,
expected to be active members of the scholarly community of the Collegium and to participate in
seminars and other academic events beyond their own fields of specialization.

The fellowship programme encourages, but is not limited to, applications from talented younger
scholars in non-Western countries and of underrepresented gender. At the time of application, the
candidate must have held a PhD (or equivalent degree) for at least three years. Applicants must
have a promising track record of independent achievements beyond the post-doctoral level,
including significant publications, and be active in international fora.

As an applicant, you are not required to hold a university position at the time of application.

Scholars may apply for a full academic year (September – June) or one semester.

Fellows receive a monthly salary. The Collegium, however, does not match fellows’ salaries. The
Collegium hopes that fellows will explore possibilities to apply for other outside support (such as
sabbatical salaries and/or grants).

The Collegium will provide and pay for accommodation for fellows who do not live in the Stockholm–
Uppsala region. When possible, the Collegium also tries to offer accommodation to fellows from
Stockholm who are not able to commute.

Application Instructions and Deadline
Final decisions are taken by the Principal of the Collegium in consultation with a selection committee
composed of Long-term Fellows. This means that all applications (including personal data) will be
downloaded by members of the selection committee, and may also be sent to external referees, outside
of the EU/EEA.

The application deadline for the academic year 2025 - 2026 is on 1 June 2024 (23:59 CET).

Applications to all our fellowship programmes are reviewed by the same committee. For this reason,
we kindly ask candidates to only apply to one fellowship programme in a given year. Applying to more
than one fellowship programme will not increase your chances of being awarded a fellowship at SCAS.

Apply through the Varbi application system by filling in the online form and submitting as PDF-files the
following required application documents:

  1. A curriculum vitae (not exceeding 4 pages)
  2. A description of your intended research project (not exceeding 1500 words, excluding
    bibliography if any)
  3. A list of your major articles (up to ten) in international peer-reviewed journals and/or
    major research monographs or edited volumes
  4. One article of your choice (or chapter in an edited book, or chapter from a monograph
    by you), representing your scholarship. The article does not have to be related to your
    proposed research project, but it has to be in English.
  5. An account of why you wish to be at SCAS (rather than at another institute for advanced
    study) (not exceeding 100 words)
  6.  An account of how you would benefit from a stay at SCAS (not exceeding 100 words) 
  7.  An account of how you would contribute to the academic and social environment at SCAS
    (not exceeding 100 words) 
  8. (Optional) up to 3 letters of reference (Please note that letters of reference must be up-
    loaded by the candidate by the application deadline. It is not possible for referees to upload
    references into the online application system or send them to SCAS.)

(Link to Varbi)

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from the Varbi online
application system.

Candidates are advised to submit their applications well ahead of the deadline. It may take a few weekdays
to receive assistance should you have questions or need technical support.

Applicants will be notified of the results through Varbi no later than 28 February 2025. If you get a new
email address, please make sure to update it in your Varbi account.

If you have any questions related to the Varbi online application system, please contact Varbi’s support:

If you have any questions about the Barbro Klein Fellowship Programme, please contact the secretariat:

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