Pro Futura Scientia Fellows (1999 – present)*

Please see Current Pro Futura Fellows for further information about the researchers who
are currently attending the Pro Futura Scientia Programme.

Pro Futura Scientia XV Fellows
Admitted in 2020:
Arthur Asseraf (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge)
Katharina Ó Cathaoir (Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen)
Yaffa Epstein (Department of Law, Uppsala University)
Lisa Hellman (Department of History, Lund University)
Janina Neufeld (Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska Institutet)

Pro Futura Scientia XIV Fellows
Admitted in 2019:
Kieron Barclay (Laboratory of Population Health, Max Planck Institute for Demographic
Research, Rostock. Nominated by Stockholm University)
Linn Holmberg (Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University)
Christopher Meckstroth (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge)
Ivan Miroshnikov (Centre for Egyptological Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences and
Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki. Nominated by Mid Sweden University)

Pro Futura Scientia XIII Fellows

Admitted in 2018:
Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist (Department of History, Stockholm University)
Eric Cullhed (Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University)
Karin Jensen (Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet)
H. Orri Stefánsson (Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University)

Pro Futura Scientia XII Fellows

Admitted in 2017:
Sofia Lodén (Department of Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Ola Wikander (Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University)
Nicholas Zair (Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge)

Pro Futura Scientia XI Fellows

Admitted in 2016:
Helen Anne Curry (Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge)
Terje Falck-Ytter (Department of Women's and Children's Health, Karolinska Institutet, and
Department of Psychology, Uppsala University. Nominated by Uppsala University)
Hazem Kandil (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge)
Aryo Makko (Department of History, Stockholm University)
Julia Uddén (Department of Neurobiology of Language, Max Planck Institute for Psycho-
linguistics, Nijmegen. Nominated by Stockholm University)

Pro Futura Scientia X Fellows

Admitted in 2015:
Renaud Gagné (Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge)
Joel Isaac (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge)
Andreas Stokke (Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University.
Nominated by Uppsala University)

Pro Futura Scientia IX Fellows

Admitted in 2014:
Angela Breitenbach (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge)
Elise Dermineur (Department of History, Lund University. Nominated by Umeå University)
Meelis Friedenthal (Faculty of Theology and Department of History, University of Tartu)
Stephanie Wynne-Jones (Dep. of Archaeology, University of York. Nominated by Uppsala University)

Pro Futura Scientia VIII Fellows

Admitted in 2013:
Elizabeth Coppock (Dep. of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg)
Rodney Edvinsson (Department of Economic History, Stockholm University)
Virginia Langum (Department of Languages, Umeå University)
Maarten van Zalk (School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, Örebro University)

Pro Futura Scientia VII Fellows

Admitted in 2012:
Paula Henrikson (Department of Literature, Uppsala University)
Jonas Olofsson (Department of Psychology, Stockholm University)
Pärtel Piirimäe(Institute of History and Archaeology, University of Tartu)

Pro Futura Scientia VI Fellows
Admitted in 2011:
Anandi Hattiangadi (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford. Nominated by Stockholm University)
Petter Johansson (Department of Philosophy, Lund University)
Kristin Zeiler (Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University)
Johan Östling (Department of History, Lund University)

Pro Futura Scientia V Fellows

Admitted in 2009:
Ali Ahmed (School of Management and Economics, Linnæus University, Växjö)
Ericka Johnson (Science and Technology Studies, University of Gothenburg)
Wendelin Reich (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University)

Pro Futura Scientia III and IV Fellows

Admitted in 2007:
Magdalena Bexell (Department of Political Science, Lund University)
Eva Erman (Department of Political Science, Stockholm University)
Peter Hallberg (Department of Political Science, Stockholm University)

Pro Futura Scientia II Fellows

Admitted in 2005:
Gustaf Arrhenius (Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University)
Maria Johansen (Department of History of Science and Ideas, University of Gothenburg)
Staffan Kumlin (Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg)
Ingela Nilsson (Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University)
Christer Nordlund (Department of History of Ideas, Umeå University)
Patrik Ström (Department of Geography, University of Gothenburg)
Annika Wallin (Department of Philosophy, Lund University)

Pro Futura Scientia I Fellows

Admitted in 2001:
Christofer Edling (Department of Sociology, Stockholm University)
Lena Halldenius (Department of Philosophy, Lund University)
Coco Norén (Department of Linguistics and Department of Romance Languages,
Uppsala University)

Admitted in 1999:
Sara Danius (Department of Literature, Uppsala University)
Mikael Nordenmark (Department of Sociology, Umeå University)
Mats Rosengren (Department of History of Ideas and Science, University of Gothenburg)
Ola Sigurdson (Department of Theology, Lund University)
Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark (Department of Law, Uppsala University)

Associated Fellow (2002-2006):
Anna Cullhed (Department of Literature, Uppsala University)

Special Baltic Fellow (2001-2002):
Martin Hallik (Department of History, Tartu University)


*The affiliation listed for each Fellow above is accurate as of the admittance year indicated.