Rodney Edvinsson

Pro Futura Scientia Fellow, SCAS.
Associate Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University

In 2005, Rodney Edvinsson received his Ph.D. in Economic History from Stockholm University
for the thesis Growth, Accumulation, Crisis: With New Macroeconomic Data for Sweden, 1800–
. The results from the thesis have been extensively used by researchers in Sweden and
internationally. Since 2005, he has been the editor of – a portal for historical statistics.
In 2010, he became Associate Professor (docent) of Economic History and in 2011, he became
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economic History, Stockholm University. In 2013, he was
admitted to Pro Futura Scientia VIII. In 2017 Edvinsson was elected chairman of the Swedish
Economic History Association.

Edvinsson’s research interest is in historical national accounts, long-term economic growth, radical
economics and monetary history. He has written articles in leading international journals, for example,
The Economic History Review, European Review of Economic History, Cliometrica, Review of
Income and Wealth, Review of Radical Political Economics
and Explorations in Economic History.
His article ‘Ekonomisk tillväxt, genusarbetsdelning och obetalt hemarbete i historisk belysning’
(Economic Growth, Gendered Division of Labour and Unpaid Domestic Services in Historical
Perspective), published in Historisk Tidskrift (2009), has received the Emil Hildebrand Prize from
Svenska Historiska Föreningen.

Edvinsson is the coordinator of the project ‘Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics for Sweden’,
based at Sveriges Riksbank. The project has also resulted in two books, of which Edvinsson is one
of the editors (together with Tor Jacobson and Daniel Waldenström). A forthcoming book commemorating
the 350th anniversary of the Swedish Riksbank will be published by the Cambridge University Press in

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2017-18.