John Cantwell

Professor of Philosophy, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

John Cantwell studied philosophy and linguistics at Stockholm University. In 2001, he received
his Ph.D. from the University of Uppsala for the thesis Non-Linear Belief Revision: Foundations
and Applications
, and did a postdoc at Columbia University, New York. He is associate editor of
, and is currently Professor of Philosophy at KTJ Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Cantwell’s research has focused on a variety of issues in epistemology, decision theory, logic and
the philosophy of language, with particular attention paid to applying formal and mathematical
methods in these areas. Among his publications are ‘On the Foundations of Pragmatic Arguments’,
in The Journal of Philosophy; ‘Two Notions of Epistemic Entrenchment’, in Frontiers of Belief
, H. Rott, M-A. Williams (eds); ‘Resolving Conflicting Information’, in Journal of Logic,
Language and Information
; and ‘The Logic of Dominance Reasoning’, in Journal of Philosophical
. His recent work has focused on conditionals and expressivist interpretations of conditionals
as in ‘Conditionals in Causal Decision Theory’, in Synthese; ‘First- Order Expressivist Logic’, in
Erkenntnis; ‘Unity and Autonomy in Expressivist Logic’, in dialectica; and ‘An Expressivist Bilateral
Meaning-is-Use Analysis of Classical Propositional Logic’, in Journal of Logic, Language, and

During his stay at SCAS, Cantwell will focus on developing a formal semantic framework for global
expressivism, applicable to metaethical expressivism and expressivist interpretations of conditionals

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2015-16.