Slawomir Kapralski

Professor of Sociology, Pedagogical University of Cracow.
Recurrent Visiting Professor, Centre for Social Studies, Warsaw

Slawomir Kapralski graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where he also received
his Ph.D. in Sociology. He was a teaching assistant at the Jagiellonian University, a tutor, lecturer,
assistant and then associate professor at the Central European University in Prague and Warsaw,
and Recurrent Visiting Professor at the Central European University in Budapest. In 2014, he was
appointed Professor of Sociology at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. He has been a GFPS
Fellow at Universität Bielefeld, a MacArthur Fellow at the University of Chicago, a Mellon Fellow
at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna, and a Senior Fellow at the Wiener
Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien.

Kapralski’s publications include Wartości a poznanie socjologiczne [Values and Sociological Know-
ledge] (1995); Roma in Auschwitz (with M. Martyniak and J. Talewicz-Kwiatkowska, 2011); and
Naród z popiołów: Pamięć zagłady a tożsamość Romów [A Nation from the Ashes: The Memory of
Genocide and Roma Identity] (2012). He has edited six collections of essays: The Jews in Poland
(1999); Reformulations: Markets, Policies and Identities in Central and Eastern Europe (with S. C.
Pearce, 2000); Democracies, Markets, Institutions: Global Tendencies in Local Contexts (with P. V.
Smith, 2002); Pamięć, przestrzeń tożsamość [Memory, Space, Identity] (2010); Peryferie i pogranicza:
o potrzebie różnorodności
[Periphery and Borderlands: On the Need for Diversity] (with B. Jałowiecki,
2011); and Społeczny wymiar kryzysu [The Social Dimension of Crisis] (with B. Jałowiecki, 2012).

During his stay at SCAS, Kapralski will work on Jews and the Holocaust in the social memory of
Poland in the transition period of the 1990s.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2016-17.