Meir Zadok

Guest of the Principal, SCAS.
Former Executive Director, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem

Meir Zadok is the former CEO of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem,
and has been active in the development and administration of science policy in Israel for the
last 40 years. He was among the founders of the University Grants Committee (UGC) and
the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), and was a member of many national committees dealing
with science policy and higher education issues.

Zadok holds a Ph.D. in Economics of Education from Lancaster University and was a recipient
of the Rothschild Fellowship. He served as a research associate at the Center for Studies in Higher
Education in Berkeley, and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. Among his publications
are:  ‘Funding Higher Education and Research in Israel’ (2009) (in Hebrew) and The Future of
the Research University
(ed.) (2000).

At SCAS, he will study the implications of funding as a science policy tool.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2017-18.