Photo credits:
Sarah Thorén

Tomasz Gralak

Johan Peter Falck Fellow, SCAS.
Assistant Professor of Archaeology, University of Wrocław

After graduating in 1997, Tomasz Gralak received his doctorate from the University of
Wrocław in 2003 as well as his habilitation in 2017. Since 1997 he has been working
closely with the Rescue Excavations Team, part of the Institute of Archaeology and
Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Wrocław section). He has participated
in rescue research and conducted fieldwork at many archaeological sites in south-western
Poland. As a result of this research, he has published a series of reports and articles. Since
2008 Tomasz Gralak has been Assistant Professor at the Institute of Archaeology at the
University of Wrocław. He is interested in the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age and
questions about prehistoric metrology, architecture and art. These issues are also the main
topics of his lectures. Another subject of his works is the relationship between material
culture and ideology. During his research he has completed internships and scholarships
in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.

He has published the monographs Influence from the Danubian Zone of the Barbaricum
on the Territory of Poland in Late Antiquity
, Archaeological Studies (2012), and Archi-
tecture, Style and Structure in the Early Iron Age in Central Europe
(2017), as well as
over sixty scientific articles, such as ‘Structure and Style: A Cultural Border in Central
Poland in Period II of the Bronze Age’ (2015, BAR International Series 2772) and ‘The
Reception of Late Antiquity Ideology by Barbarian Communities in Central Europe’ (2014,
Niš and Byzantium XII). At SCAS, Tomasz Gralak plans to work on his forthcoming book
about artistic expression in Bronze Age Europe.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2018-19.