Photo credits:
Sarah Thorén

Anders Hillborg

Guest of the Principal, SCAS.
Composer, Stockholm

Anders Hillborg gained his first musical experience singing in choirs, and he was also involved in various
forms of improvised music. From 1976 to 1982 he studied counterpoint, composition and electronic
music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where his teachers included Gunnar Bucht, Lars-Erik
Rosell, Arne Mellnäs and Pär Lindgren. Brian Ferneyhough, a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Music
on several occasions, was also an important source of inspiration.

Apart from occasional teaching positions, Hillborg has been a full-time freelance composer since 1982.
His sphere of activities is extensive, covering orchestral, choral and chamber music as well as music
for films and pop music. Among his works are Muoayiyaoum for mixed choir (1983); Celestial Mech-
for 17 solo strings and percussion (1983–85); Clang & Fury for large orchestra (1986–89); Violin
Concerto 1
(1991); The Peacock Moment (1997); Clarinet Concerto (Peacock Tales) (1998); Exquisite
(2002); Lontana in sonno (2003); Eleven Gates (2005–6); Kongsgaard Variations (2006); Cold
(2010); Sirens (2011); The Strand Settings (2012–13); Violin Concerto 2 (2016); and Bach Materia

Hillborg has received many awards, including the Christ Johnson Prize for Celestial Mechanics (1991); the
Swedish Grammy Award for Composer of the Year for the CD Jag vill se min älskade komma från det
(1996); the Christ Johnson Prize for Violin Concerto 1 (1997); the Swedish Grammy Award for
Best Classical CD of the Year for the album Eleven Gates (2012) and the Swedish Grammy Award fo
r Best Classical CD of the Year for the album Sirens (2016).

At SCAS, Hillborg will be composing an orchestral work commissioned by the London Philharmonic
Orchestra, the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Göteborgs Symfoniker. 

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2018-19.