Photo credits:
Danish Saroee

Cris Shore

Senior Global Horizons Fellow, SCAS.
Professor of Social Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Cris Shore’s research examines key issues in political and legal anthropology, including the anthropo-
logy of policy, regimes of power and contemporary forms of governance. He is particularly interested
in studying the effects of neoliberalism and New Public Management on organisations, individuals and
society. He has written extensively about EU politics (Building Europe: The Cultural Politics of Euro-
pean Integration
, Routledge, 2000), corruption (Corruption: Anthropological Perspectives, Pluto, 2005),
entrepreneurial universities and academic capitalism (Death of the Public University (with Susan Wright,
Berghahn, 2017), and statehood and constitutional reform (The Shapeshifting Crown: Locating the State
in Postcolonial Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK
(with David Williams, Cambridge University
Press, 2019). A Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the UK Academy of Social Sciences,
he also holds visiting fellowships at Aarhus University’s Centre for Higher Education Futures and the
University of Auckland’s Europe Institute (for which he was founding director).

While at SCAS, Shore will continue his research on ‘audit culture’and the technologies and calculative
practices of accountancy through two projects. The first is a book for Pluto Press (with Susan Wright
at Aarhus University) on the global spread of auditing and the way in which indicators and rankings are
transforming the world of work. The second will focus on the audit industry itself, particularly the Big
Four accountancy firms; their metamorphosis from bookkeepers to global consultancy giants, the grow-
ing power they exert over society today (including universities, public sector organisations and the state),
and the ethical, political and societal challenges that their expansion raises.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2021-22.