Photo credits:
Mikael Wallerstedt

Mathieu Grenet

Fellow, SCAS.
Assistant Professor of History, Institut national universitaire (INU) Champollion, Albi
Junior Member, Institut universitaire de France

Mathieu Grenet received a PhD in History and Civilisation from the European University Institute in
Florence (2010), for a thesis on the Greek communities in Venice, Livorno and Marseilles between
the 1770s and 1840s. He was then a research fellow at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies
in America, Columbia University (2010–2011), Andrew W. Mellon postdoctoral fellow in the Inter-
disciplinary Project in the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis (2011–2012), and a
research fellow and core member of the ERC Program “Mediterranean reconfigurations: Intercultural
trade, commercial litigation, and legal pluralism” (2013–2014). In 2014, he was promoted to Assistant
Professor of History at the Institut national universitaire (INU) Champollion in Albi, and is currently
a junior member of the Institut universitaire de France (2019–2024). He spent the fall term of the
academic year 2021–2022 as a visiting researcher at the École française de Rome, in Italy. He serves
as managing editor of the peer-reviewed journal Diasporas. Circulations, migrations, histoire.

Grenet’s research interests are wide-ranging, stretching from international mobilities to intercultural
contacts and identity constructions, with a focus on the early-modern Mediterranean. His extensive
publications include the monograph La Fabrique communautaire: Les Grecs à Venise, Livourne et
Marseille, 1770–1840
(Rome and Athens, 2016). He is particularly interested in consular networks
in the early-modern Mediterranean, about which he has recently coordinated three collective volumes
in French and Italian (2018, 2020, and 2021).

At SCAS, he will be working on the recruitment of foreigners in the French, Venetian and Dutch
consular services in the early-modern eastern Mediterranean.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2022-23.