Photo credits:
Mikael Wallerstedt

Jeffrey Paller

Fellow, SCAS.
Researcher, Program on Governance and Local Development, University of Gothenburg
Associate Professor of Politics, University of San Francisco

Jeffrey Paller specializes in African politics and sustainable urban development. His research examines
the practice of democracy and accountability in African cities. He has conducted fieldwork in Ghana,
Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa. He recently published the book Democracy in Ghana: Every-
day Politics in Urban Africa
(Cambridge UP, 2019). He also curates the weekly news bulletin “This
Week in Africa.” He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and
served as a postdoctoral fellow with the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

As a Fellow at SCAS, he will be working on his book manuscript that examines the contentious politics
of African urbanization.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2022-23.