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Mikael Wallerstedt

Skylab Sahu

Barbro Klein Fellow, SCAS.
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Miranda House, University of Delhi

Skylab Sahu is an Assistant Professor at Miranda House, University of Delhi. Before joining Miranda
House, she taught MA courses at the Department of Political Science, University of Delhi for around
two years. She received her PhD from the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore.
Her teaching and research interests span gender studies, the Indian state, society and polity, development
studies and political theory. She has published her research in edited anthologies and several national and
international refereed journals such as Studies in Indian Politics, Sociological Bulletin, Journal of Social
and Economic Development
, Journal of Health Management, Indian Journal of Political Science, and
Indian Journal of Social Work

She has authored two books: Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: Exploring Politics of Women’s Health
in India
, published in 2015 by Sage, and Gender, Violence and Governmentality: Legal and Policy
in India, published in 2020 by Routledge. Her most recent book Unravelling Feminism in
India: Women, Power and Politics
, is on the verge of publication by Routledge.

She recently directed and completed a major research project funded by the Indian Council of Social
Science Research and Impactful Policy Research in Social Science, Government of India, titled ‘Under-
standing the Effectiveness of the Role of the State in Tackling Decreasing Sex Ratio: A Study of the
State of Haryana’, 2019–2021.

As a Fellow at SCAS, Skylab Sahu intends to work on issues around labour, migration and rights by
conducting a case study of informal migrant labourers in Balangir district, Odisha, India.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2022-23.