Photo credits:
Mikael Wallerstedt

Maria Baghramian

Guest of the Principal, the Natural Sciences Fellowship Programme, SCAS.
Full Professor of Philosophy, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin.
Professor II, Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo

Baghramian's areas of research include Social Epistemology, Contemporary American Philosophy, and
topics in the Philosophy of Science. She is also the founder and Co-Director of the Cognitive Science
Programme at University College Dublin.

Baghramian has held visiting positions at MIT, the University of Yerevan, Institut Jean Nicod in Paris,
and was a Fulbright Senior Fellow at Harvard in 2014. She is a member of the Royal Irish Academy, the
International Institute of Philosophy, and Academia Europaea. In 2022, she was Highly Commended in
the Irish Research Council Researcher of the Year Awards.

Her major funded research projects include "When Experts Disagree" (WEXD) (Irish Research Council
2015-2018), and “PERITIA - Policy, Expertise, and Trust in Action” (European Commission Horizon 2020,

Baghramian has been active in working groups on topics of truth, trust, and science with the All-European
Academies (ALLEA) and its science and policy mechanism, SAPEA. She is currently a member of both the
steering committee and the program committee of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies.
She was also the founder and two-term President of the Society for Women in Philosophy, Ireland (SWIP-I).
Her publications include 14 authored and edited books, as well as various articles and book chapters, including
(Routledge 2004) and Relativism: New Problems of Philosophy (with Annalisa Coliva, Routledge

At SCAS, Baghramian will be working on the topic of Science and Democracy, focusing on the conditions
of trust in periods of crisis.

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2023-24.