Photo credits:
Mikael Wallerstedt

Jerome de Groot

Fellow, SCAS.
Professor of Literature and Culture, University of Manchester

Jerome de Groot has taught at Manchester since 2003 in the Department of English Literature, American
Studies, and Creative Writing. He is currently Director of the AHRC North West Consortium Doctoral
Training Partnership. He has held visiting fellowships in Ireland, Australia, USA and Japan.

Jerome de Groot works in general on public and popular history. His first book in this area, Consuming
(2008/2016) looked at the consumption of history through TV, film, novels, games, art, perfor-
mance and re-enactment. He followed this with Remaking History (2014), which sought to understand
what he terms ‘popular historiography’, that is, the ways in which texts in popular culture allow us to
think about history and to conceptualise the ways in which history might be made. He has recently
focussed on the way that genetics has become imbricated in historical understanding, and his book on
this subject, Double Helix History, was published in 2022. He also has a particular interest in historical
fiction, and the book The Historical Novel which was first published in 2009 has just been commissioned
for a second edition (2025).

De Groot’s project at SCAS is to work on his book Race, Genetics, History, which will be published in
2024. This project is being prepared collaboratively with Indigenous, Native and Global Majority scholars
with interests in heritage, ethics, postcolonialism and biogenetics.

Jerome de Groot is in residence in the autumn of 2023.
This information is accurate as of the academic year 2023-24.