Photo credits:
Mikael Wallerstedt

Saara Wittfooth

Short-term Researcher, the Natural Sciences Fellowship Programme, SCAS.
Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, University of Turku

Saara Wittfooth received a PhD degree in molecular biotechnology and diagnostics in 2009 from the
University of Turku, Finland. In 2017, she conducted research at Boston Children’s Hospital as a Ful-
bright Visiting Senior Scholar. Currently, she is the leader of the cardiovascular disease diagnostics
research group at the Department of Life Technologies at the University of Turku.

Her research activities are related to the development of diagnostic laboratory tests for various diseases.
The current focus of her research interests is novel cardiac biomarkers that may in the future help us
diagnose myocardial infarction, the heart attack, much more efficiently than the tests currently in use
in hospitals.

Saara Wittfooth is in residence mid-April - mid-June 2024.
This information is accurate as of the academic year 2023-24.