Isaac Kalimi

Gutenberg Research Professor of Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament Studies and the History of Ancient Israel,
and Fellow, Gutenberg Forschungskolleg, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.
Senior Research Associate, University of Chicago

Isaac Kalimi received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is now Gutenberg Research
Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies and the History of Ancient Israel at Johannes Gutenberg-
Universität Mainz, a Fellow of the Gutenberg Forschungskolleg at the same university, and Senior Research
Associate at the University of Chicago. He has taught and conducted research at several universities, including
Northwestern University; Universität Salzburg; Universität Oldenburg; and Universität Luzern.

Kalimi has published many articles in a variety of leading professional journals. He has edited/co-edited a number
of volumes, such as Sennacherib at the Gate of Jerusalem: Story, History and Historiography (CHANE, 71,
2014); Scriptural Authority in Early Judaism and Ancient Christianity (DCLS, 16, 2013); New Perspectives
on Ezra-Nehemiah: History and Historiography, Text, Literature, and Interpretation
(2012); Jewish Bible
Theology: Perspectives and Case Studies
(2012); Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity (LHB/OTS,
439, 2006). He has also authored numerous books, including Das Chronikbuch und seine Chronik:
Zur Entstehung und Rezeption eines biblischen Buches
(FS, 17, 2013); The Retelling of Chronicles in Jewish
Tradition and Literature: A Historical Journey
(2009); An Ancient Israelite Historian (SSN, 46, 2005); Early
Jewish Exegesis and Theological Controversy
(JCH, 2, 2002); and Zur Geschichtsschreibung des Chronisten
(BZAW, 226, 1995).

Kalimi’s monograph The Reshaping of Ancient Israelite History in Chronicles (2005, reprinted 2012) was the
recipient of the 2006 R. B. Y. Scott Award of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. He has received many
awards, including National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow (2007–08), Fulbright Distinguished Chair
(2011), the 2012 Franz-Delitzsch Prize, and Fellow-in- Residence, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for
Science and the Arts (2013). Kalimi serves as senior editor of The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and
, and is associate editor of Catholic Biblical Quarterly and Old Testament Abstracts. He is also on
the editorial board of the Review of Rabbinic Judaism (E. J. Brill). During his time at SCAS, Kalimi will work
on his monograph ‘The Man and the Myth: The Many Faces of King Solomon in the Ancient Israelite

This information is accurate as of the academic year 2014-15.