The EURIAS Fellowship Programme

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About the Programme and the Eligibility Criteria
The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme is an international researcher
mobility programme. It is an initiative of the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study, co-financed
by the European Union and launched in 2010. The programme builds on the strong reputation of the institutes
for advanced study for promoting the focused, self-directed work of excellent researchers within the stimulating environment of a multidisciplinary and international group of fellows.

The programme offers ten-month residencies – mainly in the humanities and social sciences – at the Swedish
Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) in Uppsala and fifteen other institutes across Europe.

The EURIAS Fellowship Programme welcomes applications from promising young scholars as well as leading
senior researchers worldwide. The programme offers two types of ten-month fellowships according to
research experience: junior fellowships (for researchers with a PhD and two to nine years of full-time
postdoctoral research experience) and senior fellowships (for researchers with a PhD and a minimum of
ten years of full-time postdoctoral research experience).

SCAS offers up to one (1) junior position and two (2) senior positions through the EURIAS Fellowship

All participating institutes have agreed on common standards, including the provision of a living allowance
(approx. €26,000 for a junior fellow and €38,000 for a senior fellow), a mobility allowance, a research
budget, plus coverage of travel expenses (one round trip).

Application and Deadline
The EURIAS selection process is highly competitive. To meet the programme’s standards, applicants have
to submit a solid and innovative research proposal, demonstrate the ability to transgress disciplinary
specialisation, show an international commitment as well as quality publications in high-impact venues.

The Call for Applications for the academic year 2018–19 will open in early May 2017. Please see for complete information about this fellowship programme and the application process.