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Stockholm University

SCAS News - 14 February, 2018

Christina Garsten New Principal at SCAS

Christina Garsten has been appointed new principal at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS).
She succeeds Björn Wittrock, who was one of the three founding directors of the Collegium. Garsten will
take office on 15 August, 2018.

“Being entrusted with the opportunity to lead and develop a research environment such as SCAS is highly
inspiring and challenging. In a changing and globalizing world, academic freedom and qualified research
need to be defended and made visible. SCAS has a significant role to fulfil in this regard, at both national
and international levels” says Christina Garsten.

She is already familiar with the activities of the Collegium. She was a Fellow in residence in the autumn
term of 2000, and has been a member of the selection committee of the Collegium’s Pro Futura Scientia
programme for many years.

“We are delighted to have recruited Christina Garsten for this important position. She is a well-established
researcher with extensive leadership experience, and possesses all the right qualities to lead the development
of SCAS and to strengthen the unique position of the Collegium, both nationally and internationally”, says
Anders Malmberg, Chairman of the Board of SCAS and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University.

Christina Garsten is Professor of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University and Chair of the Executive
Board of Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research). Her research is oriented towards organi-
sational anthropology, with a particular focus on globalisation processes, their cultural and social dynamics,
and the emergence of new forms of transnational governance. Her current research is focusing on American
and European think tanks and their role in the formation of arenas for global politics. Garsten has been a
visiting scholar at several universities abroad, including Stanford University, University of Cambridge, and
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales.

For more information, please contact;
Prof. Anders Malmberg, Chairman of the Board of SCAS, tel.: + 46 70 425 01 75; email:
Prof. Christina Garsten, Incoming Principal of SCAS, tel: + 46 70 534 06 24; email:

Text: Linda Koffmar, Sandra Rekanovic