SCAS News - 9 April, 2021

News from the SCAS Community: Publications

Publications by Fellows of the SCAS community appear regularly. Some of them have been initiated,
worked on and/or finished by Fellows during their time in residence at the Collegium, whereas others
don't have a specific connection to the Collegium but nevertheless are the result of hard work by a
current or former Fellow. Below you will find some of the recent publications available.

Refractions of the National, the Popular and the Global in African Cities
Simon Bekker (with Sylvia Croese and Edgar Pieterse, eds.)
(African Minds, 2021)

Simon Bekker was a Fellow at SCAS in the spring semester of 2007.

The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions, and the Making of
the Modern World

Linda Colley
(Liveright, 2021)

Linda Colley is a Non-resident Long-term Fellow at SCAS. She was a
residential Fellow at the Collegium in the academic year 2017-18 and
worked on this book during her time in residence.