SCAS News - 15 December, 2021

The Swedish Collegium to Host a Nobel Symposium in Physics and Chemistry in 2023

The Swedish Collegium is delighted and proud to announce that an application to organize and host
a Nobel Symposium in 2023 on the topic ”Efficient light to electric power conversion for a renew-
able energy future” has been granted by the programme committee of the Nobel Foundation.

The application was submitted jointly by the Swedish Collegium and Uppsala University, in collabo-
ration with an organizing committee consisting of leading Swedish researchers on solar cell techno-
logy. Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University and Professor of Physical Chemistry,
is the principal coordinator.

The symposium will be a joint physics-chemistry event, aiming to offer an interdisciplinary perspective.
It will be held over three days at the premises of the Collegium.

The symposium activities of the Nobel Foundation were initiated in 1965. Since 2019, the responsibility
for funding and administering the symposia is being licensed out to the Royal Swedish Academy of
Sciences and the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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The Swedish Collegium expanded its activities into the natural and medical sciences in 2015-16 through
its Natural Sciences Programme, which is a research programme aimed at advancing cutting-edge
research in the natural sciences, as well as at bridging the gap between these and the humanities and social

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