SCAS News - 13 April, 2023

News from the SCAS Community: Fellows in the News

Below you will find links to articles - written by, or featuring, current and former SCAS Fellows - in daily
newspapers, online magazines etc. Entries may also cover links to television and radio broadcasts. podcasts

2023-04-12/Tidningen Curie
"Kan forskarens behov vara en merit?" (Krönika)
Lisa Hellman

Lisa Hellman is a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow in residence at the Collegium in

2023-04-07/Sveriges Radio - Lundströms Bokradio
Sverker Sörlin: Norrland skildrades som ett arktiskt Eden
Sverker Sörlin

Sverker Sörlin is a Non-resident Long-term Fellow of the Swedish Collegium.

2023-03-07/UppTalk Weekly Podcast
When the smallest things transform the universe
Eliel Camargo-Molina

Eliel Camargo-Molina is a Natural Sciences Fellow at SCAS in the academic
year 2022-23.

Photo credits: Mikael Wallerstedt