SCAS News - 6 February, 2023

SCAS Announces New Fellows for the Academic Year 2023-24 (1)

Today, we are pleased to present three of the scholars who will be Fellows in residence at the Collegium
during the next academic year (2023-24).

Further names will be announced throughout the spring term.

Click here to see a list of all the Fellows who have been presented as of today (the list will be updated
along with further announcements).

Dr. Anat Biegon is Professor of Radiology and Neurology at Stony Brook
University’s Renaissance School of Medicine, USA. In her research she
uses brain imaging techniques to study sex differences in Alzheimer's disease
and brain response to traumatic, ischemic or inflammatory insults. Other
interests include issues in women’s health and gender based medicine.
Professor Bigeon will spend the entire academic year of 2023–24 in Uppsala
as a residential SCAS Natural Sciences Fellow.

Dr. Gunnel Ekroth is Professor and Chair of Classical Archaeology and
Ancient History, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala
University, Sweden. Her research interests include sacrificial rituals and
sanctuaries in ancient Greece as well as the Greek landscape Argolid during
the Geometric and Archaic period (ca 900-500 BC). Her current research
project is called “The ‘profanity’ of Greek sanctuaries? Defining the temenos
as a space for divine- human interaction 600 BC-200 AD”. Professor Ekroth
will be at SCAS during the fall of 2023.

Dr. Desiree Fields is Associate Professor of Geography and Global Metro-
politan Studies at the University of California Berkeley, USA, co-director of
Global Metropolitan Studies and co-editor of the journal Environment and
Planning A: Economy and Space
. An economic geographer, Dr. Fields is
doing research on how financial processes and digital technologies affect
aspects of housing in the 21st century. Desiree Fields will be a residential
Fellow at SCAS for the academic year 2023–24.