SCAS News - 8 February, 2023 (Updated: 12 April, 2023)

SCAS Announces New Fellows for the Academic Year 2023-24 (2)

Today, we are pleased to present three more scholars who will be Fellows in residence at the Collegium
during the next academic year (2023-24).

Further names will be announced throughout the spring term.

Click here to see a list of all the Fellows who have been presented as of today (the list will be updated
along with further announcements).

Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman is James McGill Professor in the Biomedical Ethics
Unit/Social Studies of Medicine and Associate Member in the Department of
Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill University, Montreal. His
research centers on ethical, social and policy dimensions of translational research.
Current projects involve studies that investigate risk, prediction, validity and know-
ledge value across the trajectory of drug development. He is currently writing a
book on the moral economy of medical research. Professor Kimmelman will be
a residential Fellow at SCAS during the fall of 2023.

Dr. Mikiya Koyagi has a PhD in history from the University of Texas, Austin,
USA, and is now Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern Studies at the same uni-
versity. He specializes in the history of the modern Middle East, with an emphasis
on the social and cultural history of 19th- and 20th-century Iran. His most recent
book, Iran in Motion: Mobility, Space, and the Trans-Iranian Railway, was
published by Stanford UP in 2021. Currently, his research focuses on the history
of intra-Asian connections since the 19th century, specifically interactions between
Japan and the Muslim world, and the history of the Indo-Afghan-Iranian borderlands
since the 19th century. Dr. Koyagi will be at SCAS during the fall term of 2023 as a Barbro Klein Fellow.

Dr. Natuschka Lee has a PhD in biotechnology from Lund University. After her PhD
she spent many years abroad as a guest researcher in Germany and Denmark. When
she returned back to Sweden, she founded a research group on microbial geoecology
and astrobiology at Umeå University. Since 2023, she is an affiliated researcher at
Malmö University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  Her research
interests cover the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, ecology, and astrogeobiology.
In addition to this, she is active in different space organizations in Sweden as well as
abroad. She will be a residential Natural Sciences Fellow at SCAS during 2023–24.

Photo credits: Johan Gunseus (Lee)