SCAS News - 10 February, 2023

SCAS Announces New Fellows for the Academic Year 2023-24 (3)

Today, we are pleased to present three more scholars who will be Fellows in residence at the Collegium
during the next academic year (2023-24).

Further names will be announced throughout the spring term.

Click here to see a list of all the Fellows who have been presented as of today (the list will be updated
along with further announcements).

Dr. Jennifer James holds a PhD in biology from the University of Sussex in
the UK and is currently a postdoctoral researcher and a Wenner-Gren Fellow
in the Department of Ecology and Genetics at Uppsala University. She
specializes in population genetics and molecular evolution with special interests
in how diversity and the efficiency of selection are related to each other, and
how they are impacted by factors such as taxonomy, demography and life
history traits. Dr. James will be a full-time Natural Science Fellow at SCAS
during the academic year of 2023–24.

Dr. Ulrik Jennische is a social anthropologist with a PhD from Stockholm
University, Sweden. His research has mainly focused on economic anthropology,
and specifically moral economy, applied to cases in Ghana, including extensive
fieldwork. Dr. Jennische has recently been involved in the project “Global Fore-
sight: Anticipatory Governance and the Making of Geo-Cultural Scenarios” at the
Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University. He will spend the
academic year 2023–24 at SCAS as a Junior Global Horizons Fellow.

Dr. Paul Werth is Professor of History at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
USA. Having previously devoted his studies to religious freedom in the Russian
Empire and the role of religious institutions and personnel in tsarist imperial
governance, Professor Werth has turned his attention to questions of borders,
territory, and sovereignty, and a study that will explore Russia's boundaries
from Norway to North America from the early modern period to the present.
In 2021, his 1837: Russia's Quiet Revolution was published by Oxford UP.
Professor Werth will spend the spring of 2024 as a residential Fellow at SCAS.

Photo credits: Annette Hornischer (Werth)