SCAS News - 13 February, 2023

SCAS Announces New Fellows for the Academic Year 2023-24 (4)

Today, we are pleased to present two more scholars who will be Fellows in residence at the Collegium
during the next academic year (2023-24).

Further names will be announced throughout the spring term.

Click here to see a list of all the Fellows who have been presented as of today (the list will be updated
along with further announcements).

Dr. John Stinchcombe is Distinguished Professor of Ecological Genetics &
Director, Koffler Scientific Reserve, University of Toronto, Canada as well
as Head of The Stinchcombe Lab at the same university. His research covers
the fields of ecological and evolutionary genetics, and specifically the interaction
between natural selection and genetics. This involves measuring natural selection,
predicting evolutionary change, understanding the ecological agents of selection,
and evaluating how selection occurs and changes in natural or field settings. John
Stinchcombe will be at SCAS as a Natural Sciences Fellow during the fall of 2023.

Dr. Erik Zackrisson is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and
Astronomy (Astronomy and Space Physics) at Uppsala University, Sweden.
His research focuses on first stars and galaxies, gravitational lensing and dark
matter, but also includes machine learning, black holes and the search for
extraterrestrial intelligence. Dr. Zackrisson will spend the academic year of
2023–24 at SCAS as a Natural Sciences Fellow.